FAQ – Neon Hurray

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All of our products come with a 1- year warranty.

Backing / Backplate

All of our LED neon are built on clear acrylic backings.
It can be cut around the shape or cut as a rectangular one.
Feel free to let us know your preference and we will arrange a suitable one for you.

Color of the backings

Normally we use clear backings. If you want to have a specific color of backing, please let our designer knows and she will assist you.

Color of the cords

We will provide you with clear cords!

Electricity requirements

The LED neon sign requires 12 v electricity. We will provide you with a suitable power adapter for your country. You just need to plug it into your outlet and the sign lights up!
Please do not connect the sign to the power outlet without the power adapter.


Please let me know if you want to have a hardwired sign. We strongly suggest you to hire an electrician for installing a hardwired sign.


The installation is super easy! There are dc connectors on the sign, you just need to connect them together and plug the sign to the power outlet directly and it works. If you want to see a video, click here.

How to mount?

Our LED neon signs are created on a backing with predrilled holes. It can be mounted by screws or hanging wired easily.

Real Neon

We are specialised in making LED neon instead of tradition glass neon.
The LED neon is more advantageous than the glass neon.
LED neon is
- more durable
- safer to use
- easier to install
- less expensive 
- easier to move and install


We offer free standard shipping worldwide. Normally it takes 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.
What to get it in hurry? Pay $140 more for the express delivery and it will arrive in 2 weeks!


We do not accept return and refund for customised products.
If there is any problem with the sign, for example malfunctioning or broken when it arrives, we will send you a new replacement.


All of our signs are safely protected by stretched wrap and multiple layers of carton boxes.

Urgent Order

Please select the EXPRESS SHIPPING at the check out page and it will reach you in a week.
If you want to get it even sooner, please contact our customers service and they will priorities your order.

Hang on window

Please let us know before placing the order.
We will provide you with suitable hardware such as hanging wires and hooks for glass.

Where does it ship from?

Our products are shipped from Hong Kong or China, based on the production schedule.